How Vehicle Monitoring Systems Works

When purchasing vehicle tracking systems in Dubai most people opt for Majees Tech technical services. It is one of the leading providers of high-end VTSs. The company is known for its excellent services even after the purchase is done.

The VTS provider should first help their clients in understanding the systems and how they work. In this article, the professionals at Majees Tech technical services, offer to help in finding the right VTSs as they explain their working –

VTSs work in a combination. They use automatic vehicle location along with data collecting software to provide a comprehensive picture of the location of a vehicle. Most of the modern VTSs use technologies like GPS or GLONASS to track the location the vehicle. However, there are a few other technologies to do it.
The information about the vehicle being monitored can be viewed on electronic maps or on specialized software.
The systems can work in two modes –

Active: The active devices collect the information transmit it in real time. They do so using cellular networks or satellite networks.
Passive: These devices store the location, speed, and other information and the information is downloaded whenever required.
The modern day VTS devices come with both passive and active tracking abilities – information can be downloaded or continual transmission can be done through available cellular network.Thought the VTS devices provide a lot of information about a vehicle, the work is done in fraction of seconds. This means that the person using them receives instant data. Companies which own a large fleet of vehicles can go for fleet tracking VTSs to monitor their employees.
These systems are quite popular in large cities and cab services are relying on them to provide value added services to their clients.

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