Hot dip galvanized pipes and tubes: an overview

Galvanisation process

The process involves the immersion of steel pipes and tubes into molten bath of zinc. Both the metals are then chemically bonded to each other, hence resulting in a more resistant, strong and longer lasting version of steel. The galvanised steel pipes and tubes resist water corrosion, chemical reactions caused by environmental elements. These also can be used in dry indoor settings. It is due to the popularity of these products in the construction industry, you will be able to find many companies offering hot dip galvanisation in Dubai.


Importance of Galvanised Steel Pipes in Buildings:

Galvanized steel pipes and tubes are one of the most used building materials across the globe. The coating of zinc metal prevents the steel tube or pipe from getting corroded. It also provides the necessary strength required for long-term structural performance, interior plumbing and tough outdoor applications.

Since these pipes can withstand harsh environmental conditions, they are widely used in construction of houses in extreme climatic areas. These can be easily shaped, cut and molded into any form during the manufacturing. When compared to other building materials, the galvanized pipes are lighter and pretty affordable.

Heavy Industrial Use:

Although used as a line pipe, the galvanized steel pipe is not fit to be used as gas lines. The galvanized sheets are popularly used as a building material for making electronic appliances and computer instruments. These are used for road grate covers and industrial walkways due to the rough surface they offer.

Middle east have  one of the most reliable companies for hot Dip Galvanising in Dubai. Their team of passionate professionals and their responsible practices has set new benchmarks in the industry.

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