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4 Tips for Implementing a Reasonable policy for Surveillance in Dubai
CCTV installation in Dubai

The CCTV installation in Dubai is really common in the workplace, residential houses and various other commercial places. It will help you to prevent workplace violence, internal theft and the use of drugs. The criminal activities, theft and use of drugs can decrease the productivity and increase the chances of injuries. It is your responsibility to protect your company because your staff is your responsibility and you have to provide them protection while respecting their privacy. There are some guidelines about the use of CCTV Dubai, these will help business managers to follow a reasonable security policy.


If you are planning to install a security camera in your organization, then you should communicate with your employees and explain the reasons to install the security camera. Share your concern for the theft and safety to motivate them that it is important to install security cameras. You can communicate via memo, email or meetings because you need acknowledgement from the employees of the company to acknowledge your surveillance policy. You have to prepare them for legal challenges down the road.

Stay Always Visible

You can take the help of IT Support companies in Dubai to get security cameras and install them in visible places. There is no need to install cameras in hidden locations because it will not make your employees uncomfortable. The camera or wireless technology should be at visible places for your employees. In some cases, you can use hidden cameras installed in smoke detectors, eye glasses, neck ties, speakers, computers, pens or clocks to record special events. It can be used for the recording of other events.

Keep Quiet

The audio footage is constrained under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986. If you want to record audio then you should meet the strict requirements settled by the law. The silent video recordings are not covered under this law of ECPA. You can limit yourself to the video surveillance without voice. The CCTV installation in Dubai without voice will be helpful for you to keep an eye on illegal activities.checkout latest news about CCTV installation at

Always be Reasonable

There are some particular areas, such as restrooms and relaxation rooms. You should set some reasonable expectations while monitoring others. The surveillance should not be done in the dressing rooms, restroom, phone booths and various other similar places. These types of places are designed to provide some privacy and you can’t get the devices designed by IT Support companies in Dubai for surveillance.

CCTV installation in Dubai

The public areas, such as shopping malls, stadiums, hallways and parking lots should have CCTV Dubai. These types of places are not built for privacy because you have to keep an eye on these places to provide maximum security for the general public. It is important for you to discriminate the places designed for privacy and general public. You can install camera at commercial locations to avoid theft and shoplifting. It will be good to talk to the attorney of your state before starting your own monitoring program.…