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Things to keep in mind while preparing for the perfect photoshoot.
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Though simple photographic tools are used while photographing for magazines and publications, it does not mean that one will end up with the same quality using the same tools. Many small elements are brought together to give life to a photograph. Whether it is a big shoot or a smaller one, much of the work for shooting starts ahead, even before one has arrived at the location. Photographers in Dubai keep in mind important tips while preparing for a shoot and thereby come up with some very good photo shoots.

  • Idea

A creative mind is continuously coming up with new ideas. But if these ideas are not put down in writing, chances are they will be forgotten and ultimately lost. One can carry around a notebook and instantly pen down any little idea that pops up in the head. These ideas can be reflected upon, sketched and drawn repeatedly to ultimately come up with something beautiful.

  • Location, Equipment and Timing

Any location, when put to use properly might render useful. It can either be a cloth background or even a garage with appropriate lighting would serve the purpose. For a beginner, with no studio, this can be a good start as any other as long as he knows his job. But whatever the environment, photographers in Dubai take care to reserve the place well in advance to avoid chaos.

One can either use minimum equipment or use a studio filled up with the latest gadgets for lighting up the work. Professional photographers rely on nature and sunlight and use reflectors to give appropriate light to their shoot. It is useful to have a silver reflector which is an excellent equipment for portraits. Another useful equipment is a fill flash which helps in filling any shadows when the sun is bright. One should remember to carry along extra batteries and extra memory cards.

Photography can be done any time of the day – early morning, late evening and for a person who knows what he is doing, even a mid-day photo session will give dramatic effects to the photo.

Photographer Dubai

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  • Choosing Models

Any photography project would fall flat without a good model to showcase the work. If one has to promote his work, a model,  especially from the modeling industry is a must, even though models do not come cheap with agencies claiming their own share also. So before going out in search of a model, one has to research everything – make calls, browse through catalogues and go for walk-ins.

  • Preparing for the shoot

An outdoor shoot requires a few extra checks and photographers in Dubai make sure that they check the weather to prepare in advance for lighting conditions, arrive on location early to look for the ideal place to shoot, visualize few shots which will come in handy while the actual photo shooting session is going on and help the models to pose and guide them if they are new.

  • Last but not the Least

While shooting, it is always a good idea to break the ice with the subjects which will help to produce dramatic photos. Some of the best photoshoots result in when the models and the people during the shoot are relaxed and enjoying themselves.