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Importance of soft skills for job candidates

We apply for a bunch of jobs, we attend interviews and we wonder why we don’t get a call back after attending an interview. We come to a conclusion that we are under qualified for a job. Sometimes even though we are qualified, we don’t get a call. Sometimes less qualified candidates get a job while the more qualified do not get a job. That is because of lack of soft skills. There are many other factors that play an important role. But let’s concentrate on soft skills here.

Soft skills in the case of job seekers is a combination of personality, attitude and social skills. Job seekers can be trained for hard skills required for job more easily than that of soft skills. That is the reason employers are choosing candidates with stronger soft skills over highly qualified candidates.

According to Mindlogicx, here are some soft skills that employers look for in job seekers:


  • Communication skills:


Communication skills are very important to get a job. With good communication skills, the candidate get along well with the colleagues. A person with good communication skills can put his point really well without being aggressive. So it is one of the most important soft skills a job seeker should have.


  • Leadership:


This can be seen when the person is not directly managing others. A person with leadership quality has a positive attitude and positive outlook to things. He will have the ability to communicate effectively. He not only self-motivates but also motivates others.


  • Self-awareness:


According to Mindlogicx, a person with self-awareness has responsibility and he will take responsibility for his mistakes. Such person has willingness to learn and progress.


  • Self-motivation:


A potential candidate should have self-motivation. He should be able to motivate himself to work and initiate to work. A person with elf-motivation can be relied upon and will be dedicated to work.


  • High energy/positive attitude:


A person with high energy or positive attitude always stays positive. He has a positive outlook towards anything. He motivates others.


  • Team player:


A team player has team goals and works really hard with the team to achieve them. A team player listens to the team and gives constructive advices.


  • Flexibility:


Generally, people hesitate to step out of their comfort zone. Flexibility is an important soft skill that demonstrates the willingness to come out of the comfort zone and open-mindedness to accept new challenges.


  • Ability to work under pressure:


A potential job seeker should be able to maintain his cool under pressure.