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Enjoy your Dubai city tour with these “Dubai latest apps”
Dubai Holiday Apps

Dubai is a city which is home to many wonders and delights which you can enjoy from beautiful places to explore, to adventurous desert rides. If you choose to visit Dubai you will have a hard time choosing things from a myriad of options that are available in the most popular of Dubai Holiday Offers. However Dubai has a solution for this too as there are many apps in Dubai that could facilitate in making your choices. It is a very large city and because of its numerous offerings to the travelers checking out all the places to make a choice could be a herculean task. However, with the help of these apps you can check out the images, videos and reviews of the previous visitors. All this data could be really helpful and will save you from a lot of effort and disappointments. Some of the most popular apps that could assist you in your Dubai city tour are:

  • Time out Dubai

Time out Dubai has lately become one of the most popular apps. With the help of this app you can check the map to find the location of almost everything from restaurants to shops. The best part of this app is that in the map you can see many different venues arranged in the order of price, or the number of reviews, or even the nearest of locations. In fact it is so effective that it could also make many Dubai holiday packages redundant to some extent as you can get all the information you need from this app itself and then just choose the package that provides all the things that you desired.

  • Big bus tours

The big bus tours app is perfect for a holistic Dubai city tour as it presents 3D maps and helps you navigate. The map also shows landmarks that will assist in you getting off the bus at the right point. This is a very helpful thing because many of us miss out on the bus stops where we are supposed to get off when in a new city. You can also set reminders so that your phone rings every time you cross a particular place that you wanted to check out and had marked beforehand on your app.

  • Dubai mParking

In a big city like Dubai getting a parking spot can be real trouble and in case you don’t find it, you might have to take a city tour in your car itself and you will not actually get a chance to see everything closely. Not only can this be very annoying and disappointing but it will also make the whole exercise a total waste.  However with the help of Dubai mParking you can reserve a parking spot and also pay for it from the comfort of the home or your hotel room. This is an extraordinary app and it is also being emulated in many other parts of the world.

These are just few of the many apps that could really make a Dubai city tour even more fun and take away all the painful things. This just goes to show that how each and everything in Dubai is in a way making the city tour even more fun for you.