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Best Materials Used in False Ceilings in IT Companies
False Ceiling Dubai


Now a day’s lots of people are decorating their companies with false ceilings and with designer glass works from Glass Company in Dubai. The well-maintained companies with modern features and designs with Huzefa glass shows the class and standard of the people living here.

False ceilings or drop ceiling were first used in Japan and in that era woods were the commonly used material for the same. But with the changing days and developing technology, the materials of drop ceilings have also evolved to new supplies.

Let’s find out the most commonly used material for false ceilings: –

  • Gypsum False Ceiling: – It is a non-toxic building material which is been used in ancient Egypt also. Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate is the chemical name and is a hydrated sulphate of calcium. Gypsum has brought revolution to the construction industry as it is much cheaper than other products and easier to install. Gypsum is lightweight in nature and thermally and sound insulated with the additional feature of fire resistance.
  • Metal False Ceiling: – This one is the most durable material for the drop ceiling. Different sizes of metal plates and sheets are available for the use for false ceilings and the shinny surface adds to the beauty of the product. Galvanised iron and aluminium are the commonly used material in Metal False Ceiling and these are very easy to install and cost effective.
  • Wooden False Ceiling: – This one is been used since ancient times. Wood has its own beauty and elegance and being light weight wooden blocks or wooden boards are easy to install with a very low cost.
  • Glass False Ceiling: – Glass is normally transparent in nature, but by adding metal content or adhesive to its composition, its nature can be altered. Huzefa glass offers an elegant look as a drop ceiling and over that glass is having insulation feature and is fire resistant.
  • POP False Ceiling: – Plaster of Paris is the most commonly used material for false ceiling. POP gets hard instantly after adding water and is used in wood base or to fibreboard and then used as false ceiling

There are various other materials like synthetic leather or fibres etc are also used as drop ceilings. The materials are selected as per the need and choice as the different material provides different facilities and looks. The price of different material is also an important point to choose. Along with the drop ceilings; there are various designs from the Glass Company in Dubai which increases the beauty of the interior of a companies