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Gallbladder: Different gall bladder problems and how to identify the symptoms
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The gallbladder is not a very commonly talked about body organ, unless it is hurting you really bad. It lay as a pear shaped organ right under your liver. The function of this sac like structure is to collect and store bile (a fluid produced by the liver to break down the fats you consume). As soon as your stomach and intestine starts to digesting the food you have eaten, the gallbladder releases bile into the small intestine through a common bile duct called the cystic duct, which connects your gallbladder, liver and your small intestine. In case of any gallbladder problems you can contact Gastroenterologist in dubai at

Generally, your gallbladder will not be causing any serious issue unless something obstructs or slows down the flow of bile through the ducts. A bile blockage can result in a number of problems  including:

  • Gallstones: Also called cholelithiasis, it is a condition occurring when usually small and hardened deposits that develop in the gall- bladder. Although these gallstones formed are very small in size and do not cause any specific problems in the beginning, but they have the tendency to grow in size and cause various kinds of trouble that include inflammation, infection and chronic pain. Few people may develop only a single gallstone while few may form several of them. As these gallstones start growing, they obstruct in the free flow of bile and also block different channels that flows out of the gallbladder. Either the cholesterol in bile, or calcium bilirubinate is the culprit behind the gallstone formation.
Gastroenterologist Dubai

                   Gastroenterologist Dubai


  • Inflammation of the gall bladder: medically termed as cholecystitis, it is an inflammation of the gall caused due to gallstones,  fungal or bacterial infection or due to excessive alcohol consumption. Because of these mentioned causes, the walls of the gallbladder swell and become excessively painful that can last for several hours, or even a few days. Common symptoms include pain in abdomen, fever, nausea and vomiting, and pale stools. In case of episodes of cholecystitis with fever, you must immediately consult a liver specialist in Dubai to get rid of your problem.


  • Abscess of the Gallbladder: some patients suffering with gallstones can develop an abscess or pus in the gallbladder and this condition is referred to as empyema of the gallbladder in medical terminology. This abscess is a purulent material formed by combining bacteria containing bile, white blood cells, and dead tissue. As this infectious fluid builds up, it may cause acute pain in the abdomen. You must seek for immediate medical attention in such a case such that  this condition is diagnosed and treated soon, or it may become life-threatening.


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