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Root Canal Teeth Treatment

Previously, injured or diseased teeth had to be removed in the earlier days when dental treatment was not this advanced but today these can be saved through endodontic treatment. Root canal treatment also known as endodontic treatment may be performed by a general dentist or a specialist called an endodontist. Root canal treatment involves the removal as well as the replacement of a tooth’s pulp which contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. This treatment is known to be highly successful and effective as well.

  • The pulp found in canal runs through center of the hard tissue inside the tooth which is called dentin.
  • The tooth consists of only one pulp chamber but contains more than one root as well as several root canals

If pulp gets damaged by injury or disease and is unable to repair itself, bacteria can leak into the pulp and cause the pulp to die. This can be very painful and lead to many other dental issues such as bad odour.According to Dental Service Dubai, root canal treatment also called root canal filling is needed when the pulp gets infected or is at risk of becoming so in the near future. The pulp extends along small channels which are located at the center of the root, which are called the root canals. There may be plenty of reasons for the pulp being damaged:

  •         Dental or tooth decay
  •         Large or deep filling
  •         Cracks or fracture in the teeth
  •         Trauma

The Treatment Procedure

The treatment is carried out under local anesthetic, just like a filling and is quite painless. The main motive is to remove the pulp tissue and any infection from root canals in center of the tooth. The canals are then filled with a combination of a rubber like material known as gutta-percha and sealer cement is applied to root filling and to prevent from bacterial infection. During the procedure the dentists of Dubai use fine metal instruments along with a disinfectant material to clean out the root canals. A sheet of latex is being placed over the tooth and is placed with a clip to prevent bacteria and debris from mouth which is going into the root canals. It also stops water from the drill and bits of filling from falling into the mouth. The rubber dam provides the best possible environment for both comfort and safety as well as the success of the treatment for the root canal. Once the root canal is cleaned and the root filling is successfully completed, the teeth must be restored to complete the sealing from oral bacteria.

Once the pulp is removed, the tooth will no longer be sensitive to hot or cold food but some patientsmay experience mildly altered sensation which is normal after the root canal treatment. The front tooth can be restored with a white filling and dark teeth may respond to whitening to restore a healthy smile.