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Best practices for rooftop cable management

It is mandatory to think in the right direction, research well and make an informed choice when choosing and installing cable trays, especially for rooftops. According to cable tray manufacturers in UAE, one must consider both effectiveness and safety when choosing cable trays for rooftop cables. Here are the best practices for you –

  1. Always opt for cable trays

The first step towards effective cable management is to choose cable trays. Cable trays accommodate a number of cables at the same time. This makes it easier to manage them. It is also much safer to handle high-voltage cables when they are handled via cable trays.

  1. Use Expansion joints appropriately

It is much feasible to use cable tray expansion joints as they help in ensuring that the cable trays and the cables within sustain expansion and contraction due to warm and cold temperatures. An expansion joint is placed at the point where two cable trays meet.  


  1. Make sure that there is ample space for cable tray supports

It is important to locate the cable tray supports within 2 feet distance within each other from each side of the expansion joint, so there is ample space to breathe even during high and low temperatures.

  1. Buy cable trays based on your applications

It is important to understand that not all cable trays support all types of cables. There are different types of cable trays to accommodate different types of cables. They must be selected depending on the support power, type of cable, communication and signal. The right cable trays have to be selected in order to reduce noise and interference.