Need a Dubai working Visa: Hire an expert

Many people today look forward to relocating to another country for work as they may want to experience a different opportunity working in a different environment. While dreaming of working abroad is very easy, but actually working in a different country is not that easy. In order to ensure a smooth flow of your relocation, you need to have a working visa. You may not be aware of the rules and regulations to be followed while getting a work permit in a foreign country. This becomes even more difficult because the rules followed in one country differ than that of another country. Furthermore, collecting the necessary legal documents and getting permits can all be time-consuming as well as stressful. Here an expert who can help you in getting all these formalities done for you can be of a great help and therefore is a must to hire. If staying in Dubai, visit

Although the government has made the visa application process quite simple and easy, but it still requires a serious time investment and intensive research, preparation and effort. Moreover, you can still end up with a rejection, even if you are confident that you will get it. In order to avoid it, you must hire an expert immigration consultant. He/she would assist you in every step and also help you in avoiding costly mistakes and delays.

Let us discuss the procedure for acquiring entry permits and work permits in Dubai.

  • You need to get approval from the Ministry of Labor for getting the work permit. Your employer will need to apply here on your behalf. Before approving your application, the Ministry of labor checks that there are no unemployed UAE citizens who are able to perform the relevant job.
  • An Entry Permit visa also called a pink visa is issued to you on approval from the ministry. This visa is valid for 2 months that allows you to legally enter the UAE.
  • After you enter the country, then it will be your employer’s duty to start the application process for the labor card. If you are employing for a job in the free zone, then an ID card will be issued to you, which again is valid for 2 months. In these 60 days, you are required to complete all the formalities for getting a residence visa.
  • After this, you would have to go to the Emirates ID service center with your passport and valid entry permit.
  • Now to get the residence visa, your employer would have to apply to the Immigration authorities. You would also have to get your medical fitness tests done in any of the government hospitals. You might also have to provide relevant educational qualifications which will be authenticated by the UAE embassy in your home country as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.
  • After getting the results of the medical fitness test your employer can go to the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD) with all the required documents to get the visa.
Does laser hair removal really work?
Laser hair removal

There are several deals for laser hair removal treatment in Dubai. But before going to get the treatment lot of people have several doubts in their minds. The first one, is properly to us themselves if the treatment really works! visit

Laser hair removal experts in Dubai save that this question is quiet common and the best way is by knowing about the hair removal technique.

Laser hair removal experts guarantee that the treatment works well and is very much effective to last for a long period of time. But before the treatment starts off, the patient will have to know a few things about the treatment. It is always better to be well informed about a treatment before getting it done. For instance, a candidate needs to know that there are a few requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to obtain the best results.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

The candidate will also have to understand that the treatment works best on dark hair. The treatment usually goes after melanin and therefore, the darker the hair is, the better the results are. Also the patient needs to understand that they should not miss their scheduled treatment appointment. The doctor makes the appointment considering some particular reasons and therefore it is important that they don’t miss the appointment.

Another important point is that the hair needs to be dark, brown or black in color for the treatment to show good results. It should still in its growing stage so the laser can destroy it. The processor needs to 2 to 4 sitting and they are spaced some 3 to 6 weeks apart. And the most important thing is to find a good specialist is well experienced with the Laser hair removal treatment procedure. There is no certain prescribed method that fits all and therefore seeing a specialist is important so he or she can recommend the most suited laser treatment method for you.

Are you looking for the best hair laser hair removal deals in Dubai? Then you need to contact experts at Medstar. They are experts in offering the best laser hair removal treatment in Dubai.

Importance of soft skills for job candidates

We apply for a bunch of jobs, we attend interviews and we wonder why we don’t get a call back after attending an interview. We come to a conclusion that we are under qualified for a job. Sometimes even though we are qualified, we don’t get a call. Sometimes less qualified candidates get a job while the more qualified do not get a job. That is because of lack of soft skills. There are many other factors that play an important role. But let’s concentrate on soft skills here.

Soft skills in the case of job seekers is a combination of personality, attitude and social skills. Job seekers can be trained for hard skills required for job more easily than that of soft skills. That is the reason employers are choosing candidates with stronger soft skills over highly qualified candidates.

According to Mindlogicx, here are some soft skills that employers look for in job seekers:


  • Communication skills:


Communication skills are very important to get a job. With good communication skills, the candidate get along well with the colleagues. A person with good communication skills can put his point really well without being aggressive. So it is one of the most important soft skills a job seeker should have.


  • Leadership:


This can be seen when the person is not directly managing others. A person with leadership quality has a positive attitude and positive outlook to things. He will have the ability to communicate effectively. He not only self-motivates but also motivates others.


  • Self-awareness:


According to Mindlogicx, a person with self-awareness has responsibility and he will take responsibility for his mistakes. Such person has willingness to learn and progress.


  • Self-motivation:


A potential candidate should have self-motivation. He should be able to motivate himself to work and initiate to work. A person with elf-motivation can be relied upon and will be dedicated to work.


  • High energy/positive attitude:


A person with high energy or positive attitude always stays positive. He has a positive outlook towards anything. He motivates others.


  • Team player:


A team player has team goals and works really hard with the team to achieve them. A team player listens to the team and gives constructive advices.


  • Flexibility:


Generally, people hesitate to step out of their comfort zone. Flexibility is an important soft skill that demonstrates the willingness to come out of the comfort zone and open-mindedness to accept new challenges.


  • Ability to work under pressure:


A potential job seeker should be able to maintain his cool under pressure.


Understanding Audit and Risk
Chartered accountants in Dubai

What is an Audit?

Auditing is a systematic and independent examination of accounts, statutory records, documents, books and vouchers of an organization. Auditing is done to ensure financial and non-financial statements present a fair view of the concern. It is done to ensure all the books; accounts are well maintained as required by the law. Auditing has become a very important phenomenon in the public sector and corporate sector. The auditor examines the documents required for auditing and obtains evidence and gives an opinion based on his or her knowledge which is seen in the audit report. Chartered Accountants in Dubai help in Auditing too.

Audit provides an assurance from third party to various stakeholders that the matter audited is free from any material misstatement. Auditing is frequently related to the financial information of a legal person. The other areas where auditing is done are internal controls, project management, secretarial & compliance audit, water management, quality management and energy conservation.

Chartered accountants in Dubai

        Chartered accountants in Dubai


Auditors who evaluate financial and non-financial information are classified into three categories:

  • External auditor or statutory auditor:

The external auditor is an independent firm. The external auditor is assigned by the client to evaluate the financial statements of the company to express an opinion on whether the statements are free from any material misstatement

  • Cost auditor or statutory cost auditor:

Cost auditor is also an independent firm. Cost auditor is assigned by the client to evaluate the cost statements of the company to express an opinion on whether the cost statements are free from any material misstatements.

  • Secretarial Auditor or statutory secretarial auditor:

The secretarial Auditor is an independent firm. The secretarial audit is engaged by the client to do the auditing of secretarial and applicable laws or compliances of other applicable laws to give an opinion on whether the company’s secretarial and applicable laws or compliances of other applicable laws are free from any material misstatements.

What is an Audit Risk?

Audit risk is also known as residual risk. It refers to the risk of an unqualified audit report issued by the auditor. It may be due to auditor’s failure to find material misstatements or due to fraud or error. The risk is calculated by:



AR = Audit Risk

IR= Inherent Risk

CR= Control Risk

DR= Detection Risk

Inherent risk is the risk involved like business or transaction.

Control risk is the risk due to auditor’s failure to find material misstatements.

Detection risk is the risk due to audit procedures that fail to detect material error or fraud.

Best Materials Used in False Ceilings in IT Companies
False Ceiling Dubai


Now a day’s lots of people are decorating their companies with false ceilings and with designer glass works from Glass Company in Dubai. The well-maintained companies with modern features and designs with Huzefa glass shows the class and standard of the people living here.

False ceilings or drop ceiling were first used in Japan and in that era woods were the commonly used material for the same. But with the changing days and developing technology, the materials of drop ceilings have also evolved to new supplies.

Let’s find out the most commonly used material for false ceilings: –

  • Gypsum False Ceiling: – It is a non-toxic building material which is been used in ancient Egypt also. Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate is the chemical name and is a hydrated sulphate of calcium. Gypsum has brought revolution to the construction industry as it is much cheaper than other products and easier to install. Gypsum is lightweight in nature and thermally and sound insulated with the additional feature of fire resistance.
  • Metal False Ceiling: – This one is the most durable material for the drop ceiling. Different sizes of metal plates and sheets are available for the use for false ceilings and the shinny surface adds to the beauty of the product. Galvanised iron and aluminium are the commonly used material in Metal False Ceiling and these are very easy to install and cost effective.
  • Wooden False Ceiling: – This one is been used since ancient times. Wood has its own beauty and elegance and being light weight wooden blocks or wooden boards are easy to install with a very low cost.
  • Glass False Ceiling: – Glass is normally transparent in nature, but by adding metal content or adhesive to its composition, its nature can be altered. Huzefa glass offers an elegant look as a drop ceiling and over that glass is having insulation feature and is fire resistant.
  • POP False Ceiling: – Plaster of Paris is the most commonly used material for false ceiling. POP gets hard instantly after adding water and is used in wood base or to fibreboard and then used as false ceiling

There are various other materials like synthetic leather or fibres etc are also used as drop ceilings. The materials are selected as per the need and choice as the different material provides different facilities and looks. The price of different material is also an important point to choose. Along with the drop ceilings; there are various designs from the Glass Company in Dubai which increases the beauty of the interior of a companies

Gallbladder: Different gall bladder problems and how to identify the symptoms
Gastroenterologist Dubai

The gallbladder is not a very commonly talked about body organ, unless it is hurting you really bad. It lay as a pear shaped organ right under your liver. The function of this sac like structure is to collect and store bile (a fluid produced by the liver to break down the fats you consume). As soon as your stomach and intestine starts to digesting the food you have eaten, the gallbladder releases bile into the small intestine through a common bile duct called the cystic duct, which connects your gallbladder, liver and your small intestine. In case of any gallbladder problems you can contact Gastroenterologist in dubai at

Generally, your gallbladder will not be causing any serious issue unless something obstructs or slows down the flow of bile through the ducts. A bile blockage can result in a number of problems  including:

  • Gallstones: Also called cholelithiasis, it is a condition occurring when usually small and hardened deposits that develop in the gall- bladder. Although these gallstones formed are very small in size and do not cause any specific problems in the beginning, but they have the tendency to grow in size and cause various kinds of trouble that include inflammation, infection and chronic pain. Few people may develop only a single gallstone while few may form several of them. As these gallstones start growing, they obstruct in the free flow of bile and also block different channels that flows out of the gallbladder. Either the cholesterol in bile, or calcium bilirubinate is the culprit behind the gallstone formation.
Gastroenterologist Dubai

                   Gastroenterologist Dubai


  • Inflammation of the gall bladder: medically termed as cholecystitis, it is an inflammation of the gall caused due to gallstones,  fungal or bacterial infection or due to excessive alcohol consumption. Because of these mentioned causes, the walls of the gallbladder swell and become excessively painful that can last for several hours, or even a few days. Common symptoms include pain in abdomen, fever, nausea and vomiting, and pale stools. In case of episodes of cholecystitis with fever, you must immediately consult a liver specialist in Dubai to get rid of your problem.


  • Abscess of the Gallbladder: some patients suffering with gallstones can develop an abscess or pus in the gallbladder and this condition is referred to as empyema of the gallbladder in medical terminology. This abscess is a purulent material formed by combining bacteria containing bile, white blood cells, and dead tissue. As this infectious fluid builds up, it may cause acute pain in the abdomen. You must seek for immediate medical attention in such a case such that  this condition is diagnosed and treated soon, or it may become life-threatening.


The hospital is equipped with all sorts of latest medical technology and has the best of physicians from all around the globe to treat you and make sure that you leave the hospital, fit and fine.

Name few unique hotels in the world that has best security systems.
Cheap Accommodation with best security Systems

For the lovers of film, the words “unique hotels” would probably remind them of the “Grand Budapest Hotel,” but for those passionate about travelling and tourism, we know that the world genuinely has so much more to offer in terms of hotels that are. The hotels that seem a lot more strange and unusual to people tend to draw them in more – a quality rather in-built in those who love to travel and explore. As someone who aspires to travel the world someday, everything I see that pertains to travel in any way completely fascinates me. Naturally, I follow hundreds of Instagram accounts, Facebook pages and blogs on anything travel-oriented. In the process, I’ve come across several hotels – hotels which are supposedly and seemingly standard and “normal”, and hotels which absolutely unique in their own way. A lot of these hotels are a fantasy for me. And when I dream of exploring a place, I always tend to look for accommodation that leans towards the lower end. In the process of research, I happen to realize that cheap accommodation in Dubai was pretty abundant. I kept that in mind for future reference and proceeded into the fantasy world of fantasy-hotel-exploring. Here’s a list of few of the hotels around the world that I found particularly unique and interesting:

1)      Hotel Marqués De Riscal, Elciego, Spain

With a roof made of bright, titanium ribbons, constructed in such a way that the ribbons look chaotic yet surprisingly beautiful with a structure constructed in an avant-garde manner; the Hotel Marqués De Riscal seems to be an absolutely stunning sight and located in a beautiful vineyard. Various sources online tell me that the bar and restaurant are absolutely brilliant, and that they have a great spa as well.

2)      Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

As the name of the hotel suggests, it is made of ice. It is close to twenty years old and is reconstructed with differently themed suits every year in the month of November using a fusion of the ice formed in the Torne River along with snow – this particular infusion supposedly called “snice”.

3)      The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA

This bed and breakfast owned by chainsaw artists is located within a 12-foot beagle, and definitely caters to any dog lover just by the look of it.

Cheap accommodation in Dubai

Unique Hotels


4)      V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany

Every room in this hotel has a different car as the theme for each room. The experience also includes drive-through cinema, vintage cars and racing paraphernalia – car lovers are sure to love something like this!

5)      Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

With registrations made by a rumored 150,000 people to stay at this particular resort (which took thirteen years to construct), the Poseidon Undersea Resort truly seems like a masterpiece of its own.

All these hotels really fascinated me, but at the end of the day, cheap accommodation is the way. I personally feel that it cheaper accommodation enables more travelling, exploring and embracing a place. But then again, each to his own, right?

Perforated Cable Tray.
Perforated cable tray

Cable trays are extensively used for an efficient cable management system in industrial construction and commercialization as an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems. They are especially useful in areas where frequent changes in the wiring system is expected.  There are several forms of cable trays available till this date. These include ladder, solid bottom, perforated and many more.  A solid-bottom tray delivers the maximum protection to cables.  A strong, solid enclosure for cables is called a cable channel or cable trough.

Cable Trays are widely used for providing circulation of cables throughout any building or large arena. These cables are usually electrical and/ or telecom wires. The main elements of a perforated cable tray is that it has a smooth finish along with strong construction. The body of the tray is non-corrosive and non-receptive to rust. Along with this, these cable trays are also available in various cable tray sizes.

A Quintessential Industrial Tool

They are easily installed using drop in support. They have the capability of successfully supporting large and bulky network cables. They can be availed in numerous widths, heights & lengths. No specific knowledge or professionals are required to take care of it, these are very low maintenance and more importantly they save a lot of space, time and effort. They have a brilliant chemical resistance and do not corrode easily. They are highly durable and last for a very long time.

Perforated cable trays can be applied at housing apartments, shopping malls, hotels, business complexes, hospitals and even at railway stations. A perforated tray has openings in the bottom of the tray giving way to a reasonable air circulation around the cables and also preventing the dust to hang on the tray but rather fall through the holes. They also help in effective drainage. There are certain ventilation openings in the form of slots through which small cables may exit the tray. They are available in several cable tray sizes which can be used by the respective industries according to their cable requirements.

Perforated cable trays are a boon for the industries

Perforated cable trays are ideal for installing heavy duty power cables. Perforation makes it possible for achieving high current flow. Various kinds of dangerous damages like over-heating can also be avoided with the ethical use of perforated cable trays. These days, a lot of companies and huge industries or any other organization working on a large scale are switching to using perforated cable trays due to the aforementioned advantages it provides.

They are focusing on over all safety and a strong wiring system, both of which is efficiently provided by the perforated cable wiring system. Hence it cannot be denied, perforated cable wiring system is a very essential tool for any organization hoping to expand their horizons across and hoping to have a safe and secured wiring allocation.

Hence, these are the various reasons why perforated cable tray has managed to gain significant popularity in the current days.


Trendy Painted Floors – The Latest Trend

In this contemporary world, modern look for homes is cherished by everyone. Keeping an ancient touch is also one of the new trends to set out the interior of the house. Selecting a proper combination of colours to fit in the interiors and strike a perfect blend with the existing furniture is indeed a tough task to resolve. There are numerous options available nowadays to give a different look to the floors of our homes like wooden floors, painted floors, marble floors, cemented floors and much more. Trendy and fashionable look is what everyone searches for. Moreover the important thing is to find the best contractors to portray our thoughts. The office fit out contractors in Dubai are considered as one of the well-equipped and trained people in their art as they can easily craft the desired look. Let’s have a look on different designs:

1. Wooden Planks

Wide and long wooden planks have become common for flooring purposes. This gives a classy look and the brown colour brightens up in the light which marks elegance in its beauty. All the more it goes perfect with the furniture as well. Rustic look is quite much in trend these days. Most important thing here is you go for the right variety of wood. Distressed wood is best for rustic look. Reclaimed goes with a luxurious look and gives a little historic one as well.

2. Tiled Floors

Using tiles as the flooring is another good idea but make sure to choose the right material for this. As tiles tend to be slippery so such type of material should be chosen that it is easy to walk and at the same time it looks elegant and stylish. Terra Cotta is considered to be modern and classy and moreover it has low maintenance and high durability. Also playing with this tile placing game is an interesting thing as many patterns can be tried like diagonal, straight, square and more.

3. Carpet Floors

Warm and soft carpets spread over the floors give a royal look and different palette of colours gives all the more options as to how to set out a great combination. It keeps the floors warm as compared to other surfaces and thereby reduces your energy bills. However, these rugs are perfect for hiding small worn out spaces and give a classic look at the same time. Nylon, polyester, poypropylene, wool, acrylics are some fibres which give a different look and have their different pros and cons.

4. Concrete Floors

Concrete is good for flooring as it maintains the indoor air quality and contains no harmful VOCs. Moreover this can be well mixed with colours to give a glossy look like hardener, dyes, stains, paint. Concrete floors also go well with the heat absorbing quality and thus cutting down the energy bills. They can be finished in textured surfaces as well.

There are a lot more options to work on like laminate floors, vinyl, bamboo etc. but it’s your home and choice. Choose material wisely and give your home a perfect stylish look.…

Is Forex trading beneficial ?
Forex Trading

Trading is definitely a land of mystery. Luck, chances, patience, it’s a mastery of all these factors that will help you win a game at trading. Some compare markets to an ocean and the trader to a surfer. Only a talented surfer can get his way out from there.

Forex Trading is the exchange of currencies. It’s the largest market in the world when you consider the volume of trading. So, is it beneficial enough to jump into these deep waters? Let’s find out.Click here.

How’s it Different?

  • No Troublesome Middlemen

You do not have to deal with any nagging brokers to have a good trade. You can trade directly with the market responsible for the exact currency pair.

Forex Trading

                                Forex Trading

  • Never sleeping Market

There is never a Kick-off Whistle that starts this game. Forex Market is worldwide. At any given time, a market will be open somewhere in this world. So the trading kicks off when the Australian Market opens up on a Sunday evening and only ends when the New York Market shuts down on Friday. This implies you can trade whenever you want. Morning, noon, night, the market is waiting 24*7.

  • Uncontrollable

With so many players from around the globe, no single participant can ever change the game or dominate over here. No one can control the market price for long periods of time.

  • High Liquidity

Forex can move huge amounts of money in and out of foreign currency with only a small price movement. Consider the normal market conditions; it’s as simple as a click of the mouse to buy/sell and keep the trade moving. With such a large number of players, this game can never get stuck. When one door closes, another potential buyer/seller opens up from somewhere else.

  • Anyone Can Play this game

Many trading platforms offer tiny trade accounts which can start from maybe a 100 EUR, which means you needn’t have a ton of money to start Forex.

  • Sneak up the profit

If you feel like a particular currency pair value is going to rise up or go down, you can buy/sell it accordingly. There is no other directing force here.

  • The Concept of Leverage

Small deposits here control a relatively larger total contract value. You are thus able to make better profits while keeping the risk capital low. Or we can say that you can play safe if you want.

  • Diversification

Say if you are an investor having an overseas bond investment and want to reduce its interest-rate risks. t would be wise if you buy the currency of that country as usually when rates go up, the currency strengthens.

Forex Trading is somewhat like gambling. Its wild pace can leave you amazed. You can blow up your entire bank account if you don’t tread carefully. But once you learn the waters, it sure can be profitable.

So the keynote is…Proceed With Caution.

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